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It’s A Great Day

And, you think not?  Trust me…after you’ve read this my guess is you will have a change in attitude!

Question…How many days do you have?  Come on!  Be specific.  We all want to know how many days you have?  It will make it easier for all of us to plan appropriately.  Don’t be shy!  Tell us!  How many days do you have?

What?  You can’t answer that!  Your actions would suggest otherwise.  It’s obvious you know exactly how much time you have left because we can all see you wasting it now.  The only reason we can think that would be the case is because you know the exact amount of time you have left to achieve what you want in this life.  That being the case, you feel you can allow yourself a bad day because there will be others to make up for it.

Let’s face it!  There are no bad days except if you choose to make them so.  It’s not the day that is bad.  It’s your thinking that is bad.

It’s like the great Cavett Robert once said:  “If you don’t think everyday is a good day, try missing one.”  Everyday you allow to be a bad day is like missing a day.  It’s gone and you allowed it to be negative in its impact on your life.

Everyday force yourself to believe that it’s a great day.  The fact is you don’t know if it’s your last day.  Great is better than bad on any given day…let alone your last day!

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