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It’s a Sin

Pretty powerful word!  It seems to me the word sin conjures so much in so many people’s minds.  Most people when they think of the word, they almost shudder at the thought.  Let’s face it, who wants to be seen as having committed a sin.  For most, the only thing worse than a sin is a sin that is also a crime resulting in imprisonment.  Now, that is really a sin!

But, you know what?  There’s a sin that too many of us commit that is so unnecessary…so disappointing…so debilitating that it deserves attention here.  It’s a sin I wouldn’t wish on anyone yet potentially a risk for everyone.  All I can say is do all that you can to avoid it before it happens because after it happens it’s too late.

Here some things you can do to avoid this sin:

    • Clearly define what it is that you are passionate about.


    • Allow your heart to truly feel your passion.


    • Act on your passion with all that you have within you.


    • Never stop…keep going!


    • As you achieve one thing, find a new inspiration that taps into your passion.


  • Feel it…act on it…don’t stop it…keep going toward it…find a new “it”…over and over again.

If you do those things, you will never feel or have people saying about you, “It’s a sin.”  I suppose you want to know what the sin is?

It’s coming in second when you could have been first, if you would have made that choice.

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