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It’s a Trap

Okay…so what are you chasing after in your life today?  Is it fame; money; relationships; success?  What?

I contend it is a mistake to get so caught up in trying to acquire something that we chase after it like a dog chasing its tail.  Around and around we go while getting more and more frustrated.  We get red-faced, stressed and gasp for air in the form of wishing we could establish some form of peace of mind.  It’s a trap when we do that!

To the contrary, sometimes catching something requires not being in exhausting pursuit of it.  Think about many top of the food chain wild animals.  They don’t just run incessantly after their prey.  They plan.  They wait.  They camouflage their intent.  They stalk and quietly, inexorably progress toward their intended goal.  Finally, they pounce!

You do the same and it will result in acquiring whatever it is you want.

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