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It’s Not What You Think

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900422670Remember “the big question” being asked of you. It may have been way back in elementary school when it was asked of you the first time. Doesn’t really make any difference when. My guess is we have all been asked “the big question” at some time in our life, if not multiple times.

Now that I have you wondering (and, hopefully, your undivided attention) here’s what “the big question” is: What is your definition of leadership? See! I told you’d been asked it, too.

So, what is it? My experience is most people can much easier give examples of people they look up to because they exhibit leadership skills. That’s not a definition. The definition of definition is: “a statement of the exact meaning of a word or the nature of something.” See why providing an example is not a definition?

All that said, let’s get back to the answer to “the big question.” Is leadership having to do with being able to motivate one’s self and those who are being led? Is it being brave in the face of some immediate disaster? Is it people who hold powerful positions? Fact is leadership could be present in all of those situations.

Here’s the bottom-line on the definition of leadership, in my opinion. Leadership is not about being out in front of the group with a great big title. It’s about being right in the middle of the group with a great big heart that’s in action and inspiring others to action.

In short, leadership is action that doesn’t impose but inspires. See! I told you it’s not what you think!

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