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It’s Only Right

There you go again!…Presuming you are right about your stance on a particular topic.  After all, how could you be wrong?  You know that you’re right and that is all there is to it.  Sorry…but, you’re beginning to sound like our most illustrious politicians.

Let’s face it.  You can only be absolutely right if you have allowed yourself to test all the reasons why you might be wrong.  Then and only then can you be sure your’s is the right way.

Here’s the problem.  Most people don’t do that.  They jump to their comfort zone positions and dig in there without any consideration of alternative views.  What’s that get them?  In my view, a degree of ignorance and nothing more.

It’s one thing to feel you are right about something.  It’s another to think your’s is the only “right.”  Bottomline:  It’s only right to consider all views before deciding what is absolutely right for you…not everybody else!

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