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It’s The Law!

Yikes!  Sounds intimidating…the title, that is.  I do want to make an emphatic statement with that title, though.  It is absolutely designed to get you to think very clearly about something critical to your success in life.

Some people would agree that there seems to be a law for everything.  Some even resent the feeling of there being a law for everything.  On the other hand, what would we do without laws?  I mean, after all, they do provide for a definition of limits for society that lends stability and clarity.  Seems to me with no laws there would be absolute anarchy throughout all aspects of life.  We’ve all seen examples of the tragedy anarchy can bring to human lives.

So, with that background, here’s my point about the laws that drive success in life.  They are undeniable and unavoidable.  Deny them or avoid them at your peril.  In fact, it’s my opinion that whatever the law, if you don’t live by it, you lose by it!

It’s also my opinion one of the premier architects concerning creating great success in life is Napoleon Hill.  Here’s a link to a great website:  Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill  He offers you 16 Laws to live by.  As far as I’m concerned, “it’s the law,” that everyone should read Hill’s thoughts and commit to them as their laws to success.

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