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It’s The Start

Of course it is!  All good things in good time but they all take a good start!

Think about your own life.  My bet is there are innumerable times in your life when something didn’t get done.  It just didn’t happen!  You might have even scratched your head while trying to understand why that was the case.  It’s frustrating when those kinds of things occur.  On the other hand, it is downright debilitating, if they become a consistent pattern in your life.

Reaching your life’s potential isn’t about finishing.  It is about starting!  If you don’t start something, there is no chance to finish something.  In short, it’s the start, Stupid!

On the other hand, the person who gets in the habit of starting a lot of things but never finishing anything will just as likely fail.  Whatever was important enough to start, in the first place, is important enough to finish.

Put all this in the perspective of athletics just as a simple example.  How stupid would it be to get all excited about the start of a game or contest and that’s as far as you take it?  There’s an irony here.  The start is critical but without an appropriate finish the start is totally irrelevant.

To make your life the most relevant it can be, make yourself start by having a powerful, emotional connection to the task or opportunity that will drive you to the finish.  It’s the emotional relevance of that which you start that will assure you finish.

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