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It’s What You See

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0426527There’s a story about a ship’s captain who one night at sea saw what he thought were the lights of another ship headed toward him.  The captain signaled the other ship, “Change your course 10 degrees south.”  The signal came back, “Change your course 10 degrees north”  The captain was affronted by the insolence of the response and signaled:  “I am a captain.  Change your course south.”  To which the reply was:  “I am a seaman first class.  Change your course north.”  Well, now the captain was really annoyed so he signaled back:  “I say change your course south.  I’m on a battleship.”  The reply came back:  “And, I say change your course north.  I’m in a lighthouse.”

That story is a classic example of how what you see can impact what you get.  If your vision of the world around you is clear and correct, you will get what you truly see.  On the other hand, a vision tainted by misinformation or emotional fogginess can result in an outcome that is totally contrary to what you expected or wanted.

A case in point.  Your progressing toward some desired goal in life.  You’ve got a good plan.  You’re excited about ultimately achieving the goal.  You’re working hard to get there.  Then, something comes up in some way.  The something makes you take your eyes off the ultimate goal.

If that happens, you will, at best, be delayed in achieving the goal and, at worst, not achieve the goal at all.  Neither of those outcomes were what you set out to do.  It’s a fact.  The minute you take your eyes off of your goals is the same minute you begin to see more obstacles to reaching the goals.

Goals are to be reached.  Obstacles are to be overcome.  Reaching every goal requires you to overcome obstacles along the way.  It’s what you see that allows you to stay on the path toward every goal.  Keep focused on the goal and the obstacles will disappear.

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