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It’s Your Infinity

The concept of infinity can be overwhelming to many people.  I mean how do you get your head around something that is that unlimited, immeasurable and so absolutely unending?  Tough question.  Here’s my answer as to how to get some sense of perspective on it and control over it on an individual level.

Let’s face it.  The concept of infinity is stupendously large.  On the other hand, the only aspect of infinity that should really have any concern for any of us as individuals should be our personal impact on it.  Infinity for each of us as individuals can only be impacted by the storyof our individual lives and the contributions we make during thoselives.

Write your personal story very carefully every day of your life.  Make each day another day of contribution to the well-being of the world around you.  After all, your story and contributions will hang around for infinity!  In that sense, it’s your infinity.  Timeless.  Limitless.  Yet meaningful to all with whom you come in contact throughout your life.

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