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Judgment That Leads to Encouragement

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0401794_20140226-212423_1Success is hard enough to achieve without feeling some encouragement along the way.  The encouragement can come from many sources but the most important one is you.  All the external encouragement in the world can’t result in success.   You have to leverage the external encouragement into internal encouragement that drives you toward success.

If you are going to achieve that state of encouragement which makes you more determined, hopeful or confident, you have to exercise good judgment about a number of things.  The first of those things is setting goals that have a deep emotional tug on your soul.  Your judgment about what goals are really important to you is the bedrock of your ultimate success in achieving them.

When you have those deep emotional goals clearly defined, the next area in which you have to exercise good judgment in order to encourage your success is in the area of planning.  If you don’t build a detailed plan for achieving your goals, that error in judgment will lead to abject failure.  In short, no plan…no can, so to speak.

Finally, there is an aspect of working the plan you have built for achieving your goals that requires your best judgment. You can’t encourage success, if you don’t adapt your plan on the way to success.  The fact is, regardless of the clarity in your judgment when you set out on your plan for success, the situation will change along the way.  The unexpected will inevitably happen and you must, again, exercise judgment that allows to you adapt accordingly.

In summary, the judgment that encourages your success must occur in three critical areas:  goal-setting; planning; and, adapting to change.

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