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Just Give It Away

Here I go again.  Drawing upon my enjoyment of Country Music to put focus on a point I want to make.  Bear with me!  You don’t have to listen to the music to get benefit from this post!

Anyway, the great Country singer, George Strait, had a recent hit with the same title as this post.  The essence of the storyline in the lyrics of the song is a shattered relationship and the departing partner to the relationship doesn’t want to take anything from it.  She doesn’t want pictures, money, furniture…nothing.  She tells George to “just give it away.”

Great song.  Negative message, however, in the sense that the relationship is so shattered that there is no desire to have any emotional or material connection to it.

That’s not what I’m talking about regarding the title of this post.  I’m talking about your sense of altruism…your sense of wanting to give to others.  Giving can be so powerful in providing for the well-being of people and their relationships.

The key, however, to powerful giving is not to focus on things.  Sure there can be a sense of fulfillment in giving another person something material.  And, in fact, the other person will probably appreciate it.

On the other hand, the ultimate gift is when you give of yourself.  The legacy of giving of yourself is ongoing.  Material giving, while appreciated, has a short shelf-life by comparison.

Take an inventory of all you have to offer the world and people around you and just give it away.

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