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Just Waiting For It

What am I saying????  Waiting for what?  The other shoe to drop…The inevitable…To happen…The next opportunity?  Whatever!

Here’s the bottom-line when it comes to your sense of making progress toward self-actualization.  You can’t be thinking, “I’m just waiting for it.”  Just waiting for it won’t get it.

Yes, you have to exercise some patience but I’m not talking about the issue of patience, here.  I’m talking about the fact that you can’t just wait for something to happen.  You have to prepare for it to happen before it can happen!

Why would anyone, you included, think if you wallow around just waiting for it to happen it ultimately will.  No, no, my friend.  Until you truly open your mind and heart to receive whatever it is you’re waiting for, it will not happen.  Believe with both your intellect and your emotions and you will receive.

In short, you get what you wait for when you don’t wait to prepare for it!

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