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Juvenile Joy Can Be Rejuvenated

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900448318I know you’ve felt it.  We all have.  It’s that uncontrolled, uninhibited and totally spontaneous mirth that comes when feeling total joy.  For far too many of us, we haven’t felt that kind of joy since we were in the depths of the innocence of our childhood.  Remember those days when nothing worldly and burdensome ever mattered because we were innocently in the moment?

I truly believe our lives were not meant to be spent only on worldly, burdensome issues that sober our world into a deep, dark gray.  Rather, it’s my belief that we should be able to manage ourselves in a way that allows us to deal effectively with the worldly, burdensome things even while experiencing the vibrant colors of joy in our lives.

Think about it!  Those same worldly and burdensome issues existed in some way when we were children.  We just were unaware and, so, didn’t let them into our lives.  I believe one reason that is the case lay in one definition of juvenile:  “Not fully developed; not yet adult.”  By contrast, one definition of adult is:  “One who has attained maturity or legal age.”

If one has “attained maturity or legal age” and is unable to continue to cultivate the “not yet adult” process of feeling joy, then, who needs it?  Why bother?  Life is too short to live it in a state of gray!  Get over it!  Find something or someone who makes you double over with joyful laughter and let it go.  And, make sure you put yourself in a position to do just that on a daily basis.  The negatives will still be there but they will look more positive because of your joy.

When it comes to allowing some joy in your life, the “not fully developed” maturity of a child has it hands down over being too much of “legal age’ and ‘maturity.”  Rather than always thinking about the ramifications on a mature, more gray world let yourself go in a splash of joyful color in moments of potential joy.  You will have a rejuvenated view of your world that makes it eminently more livable!

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