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Keep the Faith and Make the Possible Absolutely Possible

Think back to your school days when you had finished that brutal test in history class and you knew a passing grade was not possible.  You just knew you had blown every answer to the questions on the American civil war and so you flunked the test for sure.

Then, miracle of all miracles, two days later the teacher handed back your test paper and it had a passing grade on it!  How could that be?  But, you didn’t argue about it, did you?  ☺

As they say…”Oh, ye of little faith.”  You didn’t have the faith it was possible to pass that test and, yet, you passed.  In that situation, you probably got lucky, right?

Well, life can deliver similar challenges but on a grander scale than a school history test.  However, it takes faith to successfully meet those challenges.  Luck can’t be the only source of success in real world situations.

The following video digs a little deeper into the whole topic and what it takes to have such faith.

Let’s reinforce the key point made in the video.

“Keep the faith and all things are truly possible.”

That’s if you truly understand WHY you want what it is you are pursuing.  Without a viscerally felt WHY, faith turns to hope and the dream reduces to a wish.

You don’t just wish for heartfelt dreams.  You have enough faith in yourself and you achieve them!


What can you do to turn hope for one of your dreams into faith you can make it possible?  List 3 steps and take action on each of them.

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