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Know Do Not Talk

It’s your desire to be respected and appreciated as a person.  Good for you!  That’s true for most if not all of us.  But, here’s the problem, as I see it.  It’s a conflict with how we think we should communicate and project ourselves to the world and what we should actually do.  It’s not as intuitive as we might think.

Consider this…you’ve met them before.  It’s those people who are incessantly talking about what they know and what they’ve done.  They can go on, chapter and verse, for hours and never stop blowing their horn!  These people never pause to think about getting you involved in the conversation and to share your thoughts.  No…they’re too wrapped up in themselves to do that!

In other words, they are doing the intuitive thing to try and generate your respect and appreciation.  They think if they tell you all that stuff, you can’t help but be impressed with them.  The result…usually, the exact opposite, right?  You’re repelled by the self-serving attitude and, in fact, don’t respect or appreciate them.

So, how can you avoid being perceived in such a way?

Don’t think intuitively.  Think confidently!  In other words, people who truly understand and feel a sense of self-worth just know and do not talk.  They do the exact opposite of jabbering on and on about all they know and all they have done.  They don’t have to yak about themselves because their level of self-worth provides a comfortable level of self-confidence.

They know those truly in the know do not talk.

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