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Know It All

How many times in your life have you met or known someone who clearly thought they knew everything? There wasn’t a topic about which they didn’t have an opinion. And, oh by the way, their opinion (in their opinion) was absolutely the correct point of view! It wasn’t even debatable…no ifs, ands or buts, PERIOD!

Well, clearly we should all value the person and opinions of our fellow human beings. Being judgmental about other’s is not the path to a happy and most productive life. On the other hand, I do have a question for those “know it all” types: Why is it they don’t know that we don’t necessarily want to know what they know? My guess is they don’t want to know because the answer would be devastating to their self image.

The only answer for those of us who ultimately don’t want to deal long term with “know it all” types is respectful patience. By that I mean, when entrapped by one of these people we have to exercise emotional intelligence. We can’t fly off the handle, as suggested by the above picture, and argue or debate with these people. That is a cause that is lost before we even get started.

Rather, at the earliest possible time in the conversation we should offer a gracious exit line and excuse ourselves. The “know it all” is so self-absorbed that they won’t know something for once…what hit them as you walk away.

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