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Know Where To Go

It’s astonishing to me the number of people who have no idea where they want to go let alone in which direction.  It seems to me far to many people just drift through their daily lives hoping something good will happen.  They seem to be of a mind that deludes them into thinking someone or something else is responsible for providing for their direction in life.  It’s not them who has created the situation.  It’s some kind of outside force.

My life’s experiences has taught me to have exactly the opposite view.  Yes, outside forces have impacted the course of my life immeasurably.  But, they have not dictated it!  Their influence is there but it’s my reaction to those influences that has set the course and pattern of my life.  I happen to believe that should be the case for all of us.  I further believe we all should use the outside influences in life to shape but not dictate our future.

Think about it in this context.  Around and around you go and where you are you better know.  Clearly and absolutely…otherwise, you will get confused and lost in the direction your life takes.  But, again, I believe none of us should think life is about becoming lost.  It’s about each of us doing the things necessary to find our direction and living our lives to their fullest potential.

As someone once said, “Life is not a dress rehearsal!”  Regardless of religious arguments to the contrary, as far as any of us know for certain, this is it.  We’ve got one chance to know where to go with our lives.  Choose and then act wisely.

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