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Knowing Is Believing

If you want to maximize your opportunities and experiences in life, it takes total belief in yourself so you can take the necessary calculated risks.  Life truly is something where the adage, “No risk…no reward.” applies in dramatic fashion.  Let me paint a word picture to help make my point here.

How many times have you stood on the shore of some body of water and wondered about the mysteries of its depths?  The only way to find out about those mysteries is to jump into that body of water and become fully immersed in it.  Life is the same.  You can choose to stand on the shore of life and wonder about the potential of its mysteries.  On the other hand, you can jump headlong into life and become fully immersed in it which allows you to push the mysteries aside and live your life to its true potential.  Yes, there’s some risk in making that jump but consider the amazing rewards of discovery.

The problem is too many people never make the jump because they are afraid of the unknown consequences.  The only way to confirm whether the consequences (risks) are worth the reward of discovery is to increase your level of knowledge about the world around you.  Broad knowledge is the solution to determining whether risk is folly or calculated.

And, it’s not just knowledge acquired at a single point in time that is important here.  It’s the accumulation of a constantly growing base of knowledge over the continuum of your life.  Knowledge isn’t a one time thing like your birth or death.  It’s an evolving thing just like life, in general.  Think about it…that’s why most people become more comfortable and sure within themselves as their life experiences accumulate.  They know they know enough to believe in themselves and, therefore, take the calculated risks necessary to a glorious and broad spectrum of life experiences.

Believe that you can know and you will know that you can believe.

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