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Knowledge or Ignorance?

It’s a good question, you know.  It stems from watching so many people express their opinions with deep emotion and in too many cases a total lack of knowledge.  For these people, it’s all about putting things in an emotional frame of reference just to vent and be heard.

What good is it to just be heard?  If people hear you without being moved to some appropriate action, you have accomplished absolutely nothing.  Yes, people respond, ultimately, because they have been emotionally moved to do so.  But…and it’s a BIG but…most people’s emotions well-up into positive action when they can see some basis in fact.

In the business of selling there is an old adage.  “Emotions make the sale and logic preserves it.”

If you want to move people to taking positive action around your point of view, show more than emotional ignorance.  Demonstrate your actual knowledge surrounding your point of view and use that knowledge as the foundation for your emotions.

Knowledge in… emotionally sustained action out.  Ignorance in…flash of emotions out.  Sustained action out…things get done, permanently.  Emotions out…things get felt but little is sustained.

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