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Ladies and Gentlemen Keep Your Engines Running Smoothly

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900422774_20131222-171445_1Five things have to be consistently done if you’re going to stay in the race of your life.  One of them definitely is not sitting on your laurels!  So, get out your tool box and constantly perform the following maintenance checks.

No self-respecting engine can run on empty and that includes yours!  Discipline yourself to fuel-up with high quality, high octane nourishment.  Minimize the alcohol and caffeine.  Fill your tank daily with the appropriate amount of calories of all the good stuff including sufficient fiber.

On the other hand, even the best of engines requires some shutdown time.  The longer your engine runs without some time to rest the greater will be the wear and tear and the shorter the time to total breakdown.  Slip into your garage each day and get your engine some adequate sleep.

Make sure you check all fluid levels frequently throughout each day’s race.  The quickest way to destroy a well-oiled machine is to run dry on lubrication. The engine of your body will freeze-up and shutdown.  The most important fluid is, of course, water.  Make sure you keep your radiator filled to capacity.

Don’t believe the Mayo Clinic as to the importance of water in maintaining good health?  Here’s a very valuable additional perspective.

Even with adequate fuel, rest and fluids all has to be supported by an appropriate charge sent through the entire electrical system.  The electrical charge of your engine is only as effective as the information it receives.  Bad input of information results in lack of consistent performance.  Your brain needs to be constantly fed with a growing and relevant body of current information to keep all systems…Go.

Finally, you have to shift gears every once in a while.  There’s nothing more boring than racing around in circles everyday of your life.  Frequently, throughout the race, gear down, turn left or right and get off the race track.  Take a drive on an unknown highway which will help to recharge your engine for the next race.

Performing these five maintenance steps consistently will keep your engine running smoothly.

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