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Laugh ‘Til You Die

These are tough times all over the world.  The ongoing flooding in Pakistan has devastated the lives of millions of people.  There’s the gulf oil spill that has impacted so many lives let alone the environment.  Wars and other major political differences abound.  Religions are contesting their value and fighting for political and spiritual advantage.  Politicians have forgotten the power of collaboration and choose to weaken their stature and their nations through mean-spirited contentiousness.  World economies continue to struggle with the new realities of government intervention and the mismanagement of major financial institutions.  I guess that pretty much sums it up!

So…what is a person supposed to do in dealing with the psychological impact from all of this angst in the world?  In four words, maintain your good humor.  See the funny side of things…not necessarily regarding some of the worst situations noted above but, there is always something of humor that can be found to lift your spirits.

Step one in maintaining your good humor is to jot down sources for finding the funny side of life.  First and foremost among those sources is things that happen to you and/or family members in day to day life.  The funniest things seem to always evolve from the spontaneous things that happen in life.

Next step, if needed, in maintaining your good humor is searching for more formal sources of humorous anecdotes, etc.  Google the word, humor.  I just did it and the result was 144,000,000 possible sites.  First among those was a YouTube-Humor site.  If you can’t find something to laugh at there, than you’re already dead and there’s no hope for you.

If YouTube isn’t your thing, there’s thousands upon thousands of sources for print media about humor.  One good source in this regard as well as other media ishttp://humor.about.com   And, there’s thousands more.

All it takes is for you to motivate yourself to find the funny side of life.  You’ll have a longer life because you will minimize unrelenting stress as you laugh ’til you die!

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