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Leadership In A Word

I can remember more than once in my life someone testing my view on leadership during employment interviews or whatever.  I think I even remember being tested in a college philosophy class on my concept of what leadership meant.  One thing I even more clearly remember from those days is I wasn’t sure of my definition of great leadership but I definitely knew when I was experiencing it.  I could feel it and see it but not necessarily put it into words.

Not so today for me.  My experiences over my life have put the concept of great leadership into very clear focus.  So clearly that I believe great leadership can be summarized in one word.  The word is inspire.

I absolutely believe great leaders don’t assert their will on people.  They inspire people to want to follow the vision and will of the leader.

Look at all of the truly great leaders in history.  The leaders who positively impacted the world, at large.  In a single word, their key to positive, world changing leadership was they could “inspire” others to follow in mass and with hearts in a synchronous beat.  Now, that’s leadership in a word.

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