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Legendary For What?

Yes, he was wild.  Yes, he was profane.  Yes, he was troubled in many ways.  Yes, he’s a rock legend.  Yes, he died far to young because of his troubled ways.  Yes, his guitar skills were unparalleled.  Yes, I’m talking about Jimi Hendrix.

My god!  He’s been gone for over 40 years but his legend lives on.  What can you say about a person with his kind of impact on humanity.  Despite all the negatives the answer in a word is:  genius.

But, he wasn’t just a genius with a guitar and rock music.  He was more than that.  He was, like us all, a human being with all the wonders and warts.  One of the more interesting things about Jimi Hendrix’s humanity was his depth of thinking beyond just music.

Case in point that directly relates to the world we live in today.  He said:  “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, only then will the world know peace.”

See what I mean?  The man wasn’t just legendary for his musical talent.  He’s legendary for his understanding of humanity and its strengths and weaknesses.  May we all live by his legendary advice.

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