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Let Me Count The Ways

Here you are trying to do the best you can with what you’ve got.  You want to do well in your life and things are going okay but there’s something missing.  Some mystery to it all that you can’t quite get a grip on.  You know there’s only a piece or two of the puzzle to your success missing…but finding them…that’s the big challenge.

In the context of the previous paragraph the key word in the entire paragraph is finding.  Some people like to think of life as a journey and it is.  But, more specifically it is a journey of discovery…of finding things out about yourself and the world around you.  A journey through life without finding new things or ideas would be like staggering through a deep, dark cave with no light.  You can feel things around you but you’re not certain what they are.  Such a journey in darkness cannot lead to discovery.

So, your journey must be one of enlightenment, always.  However, enlightenment only happens through trial and error.  True success cannot come without the journey including mistakes.  In fact, when you count the ways you have gone along the journey to success there will be far more mistaken paths.  The fact is the more mistakes you make the closer you are to success.

So, constantly take stock of your journey through life.  Say to yourself, “Let me count the ways I have made mistakes along the way.”  Then, be lifted up by how what you find is leading to your ultimate success.

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