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I love this website:  www.lifeanswersback.com  I find its information fresh, insightful, entertaining and beautiful.  The post shown below is a copy of a miniscule amount of the information available.  My “advice for life” try the new “food” from this site…you’ll like it!


Advice for Life


FEATURED ADVICE: How to get kids to try new food



All parents have had to deal with picky eaters at one time or another and it can be difficult to persuade our children to try foods other than what they are accustomed to. But with a few tips and tricks you can get the kids to try something new. (Unless its Brussels sprouts- we can’t help you there.)

Don’t force your child to eat. Children sometimes do not like to eat food that is new to them. Keep serving the food to your child. As they become more familiar with it, their curiosity will get the better of them and they will decide to taste it, especially if they see you eating the same food.

Let them help. Kids are more likely to try different types of foods if they have a hand in making it. This may mean that you have to put up with a messier kitchen at the end of the night, but it is well worth it if your child is learning how to try new foods. Next time you plan on preparing a meal you aren’t sure your child will like, ask them to help you with it and see what happens.

Serve new foods when your child is hungry. Let the new food be the first thing your child sees on the plate. Lids are less likely to try something new if they have already filled up on favorites.

Respect your child’s food preferences. There may be some foods that your child doesn’t like no matter what you try. That’s okay – just be sure to offer your child other foods from the same food group at other meals and snacks.

Introduce new foods early in life. The earlier they learn to try new foods, the easier it will be when they are older.

Make food fun. Find recipes that are “kid friendly” and use food that you can make fun – like octopus hot dogs!

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