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Life is not About Retiring So Spotlight Constant Aspiring

In its simplest terms perpetual motion is described as an unceasing action or movement.

If you think about many of your physical characteristics as a human being, there are parts of your body that are unceasing in their action or movement.  In fact, if they did cease to perform their action or movement you would die.

The most obvious examples of parts of your body in perpetual motion throughout your lifetime are your brain, heart, lungs and other vital organs.  Additionally, the cells of your body are in perpetual motion fulfilling their individual responsibilities to the successful functioning of your whole body.

Everything keeps moving and acting so you can survive and live a full life…it’s a perpetual kind of thing!

Then, why would you even remotely focus on your future or current retirement as a destination?

Yes, you may stop the perpetual motion of your career pursuits and other long standing patterns in your life.  But, if you don’t find other interests that keep your mind and body in perpetual motion you will die just as surely as if one of your vital organs stopped.

As I’ve said to so many people, life is not about retiring.  It is about constantly aspiring.

So, how do you avoid the slow death of trying to avoid living a full life because you are retired?

Here are some ideas for using retirement as a growth opportunity not a death knell.

Decide to Aspire and Not Retire

How you choose to live your life is absolutely and unequivocally your responsibility.  Inspiration or motivation to do something doesn’t come from an external source.  It comes from you!

Figure out what interests you and why that is the case.  Do that by creating your own “Things To Do To Aspire List”

As a first step after creating the list, pick the one that gives you the greatest fire in your belly and start pursuing that idea.  Continue the process through all the items on your list.

When you have done all you want to do with most of the items on your “Things To Do To Aspire List,” create another list.  Trust me you will have learned enough new things from what you did with the items on the list you won’t have any problem creating this new list.

So—to summarize this idea—make aspiring not retiring a priority every day of your life.

Books Buy You Breathing Room

In this idea, I’m using the term, Breathing Room, as a metaphor for living a full life.

The idea can involve you reading books; choosing to watch TED Talks on YouTube; subscribing to a self-development course; taking music lessons; and a myriad of other tools.

The bottom-line is you commit to a daily priority of engaging in one or more of the above methods.

And, by the way, you can’t say, Oh I’ve got to get to…sometime today.  NO—make it a priority by dedicating the first hour of your day to strengthening your “breathing room.”

Create a Conundrum or Controversy Confab

Aspiring in a vacuum is impossible!

So—join with groups of people who are also constantly aspiring to achieve a life of fulfillment.  Make sure they are groups who want to discuss life’s big conundrum’s or controversial topics, in general.

Your goal is to learn and also be open enough to change your assumptions because of what you learn from these other people.

When you aspire, you are trying to become something more or, at least different, from what you currently are.  You can’t do that by depending on your current assumptions about things.

By the way, the formal definition of the word, confab is:  “an informal private conversation or discussion.”  My point is using this idea for you to constantly aspire doesn’t require a cast of thousands or high level organizational skills.

Teach to Be Taught

You have probably heard what has become a cliché.  “Nobody learns as much as the teacher.”

You can use the message in that cliché to help you aspire to be an even better person.

If you are going to be truly effective as a teacher, you have to know everything you are going to teach so you can explain it.  The fact is, if you can’t explain something to another person so they can understand, than you don’t understand.

You cannot explain something unless you understand it in depth.

Clearly, then, if you want to aspire to higher levels of understanding, teaching other people to understand will help you.

Pick a topic of high interest to you and find ways to teach that topic to other people.

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0433236_20141008-142108_1What are you going to do to constantly aspire during your life rather than retire?  What is the first step you will take?

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