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Life Lessons On Change

b2ap3_thumbnail_Life-Lessons-On-ChangeAn old Chinese proverb tells us, ‘change is the only constant.’ It is easy to fear change as a force that will rip us from our comfort zones and push us toward unknown and terrifying horizons. However, change is a necessary process through which we choose to surrender what we are in fear of for what we may become. It is our ability to accept the fact that nothing remains stationary that determines our relative success as human beings – whatever does not bend will eventually break. The process of change, of adaptation, however, is difficult, painful and often harrowing – but as those who have changed the most know, it is often the most excruciating moments of our lives that prove to be the best teachers. In the end, it seems that all any of us can do is submit to the reality of change, to learn to view it as something beautiful and regenerative, so that we may recognize the upsets of our lives as veiled opportunities and thus, utilize the courage and strength we’ve gained from previous turmoil to turn the inevitability of change into something positive and cleansing.

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