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Life Transitions Require You to Adapt to Changing Conditions

b2ap3_thumbnail_butterfly-461794_1280My bet is years ago you had no idea how things would work out to this point in your life.  Furthermore, the previous statement is true even if you had a well-developed and written life plan when you started out.  The fact is written plans do not guarantee future results.  Those plans give you a road map that could deliver the desired objectives but inevitably something can get in the way.

Think about it.  Whenever you launched yourself toward this moment in time you were in a different stage in your life.  Things have happened since that stage and they are called transitions.    By formal definition, transition means:  “a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.”

When initially building your life plan, you could anticipate many of the transitions in life.  However, some transitions can’t be anticipated and so they can’t be planned for in advance.  Why can’t they be anticipated?  Well, life is not a static event…it is an evolving event which means you must be prepared to adapt.

The evolution of your life requires accepting and dealing with changing conditions.   As you move, develop, or evolve in your life from one form, stage or style to another (AKA: Transition) change is inevitable.  You can’t fight it.  You must deal with it.

Here’s the key to dealing with change:  know it is going to happen; don’t be surprised when it does; accept it; adapt to the new reality and move on.  The need for following that process to have a fulfilling life is one thing that will never change!


Create a critical transition in your life right now.  Vow to adapt to changing conditions by following the process outlined in the previous paragraph.

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