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Life’s a Beach

Making progress toward your goals in life can be frustrating many times.  Life can be like running on extremely soft sand at the beach.  On each stride the sand gives way under your feet and what should be maybe a three foot stride turns into half that, at best.  You slip, slide and stumble down the beach much more slowly because of the instability of the sand.  Your progress toward your goal is frustrated, as a consequence.

By definition frustration suggests a negative state of mind.  A negative state of mind kills the drive to overcome that which is frustrating you.  It’s a vicious circle that only you can extricate yourself from.

When life’s a beach of soft sand slowing you down, change your thinking from the negative by focusing on your progress.  The point is even when you are slowed down toward achieving your goals you should feel positive about any tiny steps of progress you are making.

Goals aren’t achieved by one giant leap down the beach.  They are achieved through the perseverance  necessary to slowly drag yourself through the sands of your life.  I know.  It’s a “beach” but it’s as true for you as it is for anybody else.

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