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Life’s Journey Can’t Be On a Gurney

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900400456Of course, we all know life is a journey rather than a sprint to the end.  Living a full, abundant life is absolutely all about the journey.  It’s living in each moment to the fullest while excitedly being conscious that there are more wonderful things to come.  But, are there?  How can you be sure of the number of moments you have left?

I’m reminded of the title to this post.  Just to confirm, a gurney is a stretcher with legs meant for transporting seriously ill patients or dead bodies.  A key point here is that life is not a ride on a stretcher with legs.  You can’t expect others to transport you effortlessly through your life on a gurney!  You’ve got to stay on your feet meet life’s journey of challenges head-on and overcome them.

On the other hand, to do that requires you to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.  While living your life, you must be actively stimulating your life as a living human being.  If you don’t, you will end up on life’s gurney far before your time.  You must fight to maintain a balance in your life that also allows you the necessary time to feed your mind, exercise your body and nourish your spirit.

Then, you will enjoy your life’s journey with little concern about landing prematurely on a gurney!

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