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Light with Dark Is an Oxymoron

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0439318You enter someplace and it is pitch, black dark.  I mean there is not a single glow of light anywhere.  You become totally disoriented and feel you are losing your balance.  The challenge is you can’t see a thing and don’t know where to reach out so you can stabilize yourself.  It is a horrible, sickening feeling of desperation and a hopeless sense of falling.  You can only guess about what kind of surface you are about to hit.  Your positive mentality says it will be relatively close and reasonably soft.

What a terrible situation to be in!  Not being familiar or clear about your surroundings is very disconcerting.  It shatters ones confidence.  There is only one way to regain your confidence…find a light!  And, what is true for you is also true for all humanity.

Living in the dark about things limits potential for everyone.  Darkness may be good for sleeping but it certainly doesn’t help in finding one’s way in life.  The way to bring light into your life is to flip the switch in your mind from off to on.  Make no mistake about it!  You do control that switch!  The single most important thing to turn the light on in your life is constantly pursuing new knowledge.  Knowledge is to reaching your potential as a wall switch is to turning the light on in a room.

The really important part of all this comes when you have turned on your light, so to speak.  The world is a needy place and you can help in fulfilling that need.  You do that by sharing your light with the rest of the world.  Think about the powerful wattage of your light this way.  Just as a full moon pushes back the darkness and reveals a shimmering lake so too can you push back the darkened boundaries of humankind and light the world through realizing and living your dreams.

There can be no darkness when there is light.

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