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Lightening Can Be Greatly Enlightening

b2ap3_thumbnail_j0428559I’m reminded of a thought that occurred to me recently.  I was in my office, pondering DEEP THOUGHTS, no doubt, and a thunderstorm was in its full glory.  All of a sudden there was at least a billion lumen flash of lightening and an atomic bomb level explosion of thunder!  I can confirm that the painting by Edvard Munch entitled, The Scream, is a portrait of me in that moment.

Ever been there, so to speak?  Awesome occurrences in nature, wouldn’t you agree?

As the moment faded, I had the following thought:  A flash of lightening…a clap of thunder.  You see the light first, then, hear the sound.  Whatever your pursuit in life, if you but will open your eyes and see the light, first, you will be better able to also listen for the sounds that will lead you to success. Doing so can give you the will to drive awesome occurrences in your life just like the wonder of nature.

Here’s the problem for too many of us, though.  We don’t want to open our eyes.  We know if we do there is no escaping the truth that we see.   Once something can be seen the magnitude of its impact is increased exponentially.  If the truth we see is not what we want to see, we will do everything we possibly can to close our eyes once again in avoidance.

If you want to light up the sky of your life, you have to keep your eyes open to the wonder of all that life offers.  With eyes wide-open, follow the light through the noise in your life to ultimately get to the peace and quiet of great success.  The thunderous noise you hear is all the things that could distract you from your path toward success.  Listen for the sounds of almost silence which will correctly guide you.

But, always realize you must see the light first before you can hear the right sounds!

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