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Little To Big

My guess is you are like many people.  You want to do big things in your life.  I don’t necessarily mean big in the sense of you doing things that impact the entire world.  That would be okay, of course.  But, I’m talking more about big as you define it.  In other words, it could be something with worldwide impact or it could be something that impacts only your immediate sphere of influence.  It’s your definition.

Whatever big is to you, if you’re going to make it happen, it won’t just happen.  You have to do all the things necessary to make your big things your reality.  Bottom-line is big things don’t usually happen because of one big effort or event.  Big things happen because you did all the little things required.

There’s where most people fail.  They don’t want to be bothered with the little things.  They just want big to be and, preferably, now!  Big never comes now, if the little things haven’t been done back then.

Figure out what are the big things you want to achieve in your life.  Determine all the little things that have to be done to get there.  Fix a time when you want to get there.  Plan your order of attack…then attack!

Do all of it…little to big.

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