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With a change of a  single letter in the title of this post, the word can suggest a long time for many of us.  We are of a mindset that says something like, “I have a lifetime to do this or do that.”  We are filled with a perception of an abundance of time.

But, for my purposes today I want to twist the word in the title around a little.  My motivation is driven by the old truism, “Stop and smell the roses.”  It’s a wonderful thought too many of us don’t take to heart given the pressures of modern day life.

But, I ask you.  Are the pressures of today any greater than they were a hundred or more years ago?  I don’t think so.  I think they’re different but the pressure on daily living was just as great in 1793, or any other year, as today.  That not withstanding even with the pressures experienced by the people living in a bygone era, it could be argued they still found more time to live with quality.  In other words, they took time to live so they didn’t have time to die.

Yes, none of us get out of this life alive.  But, living with zest, joy and fully alive makes things better when it’s time to die.  What’s the quality of your current “livetime?”  I would like to suggest you do the things you want to do so you can answer that question with a sense of quality and comfort each and every minute of your life.

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