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Living a Lifestyle

So, you’re not satisfied with the lifestyle you’re currently living.  Well, do something about it!  You own it.  Recreate it in the style you would prefer.  Here’s some thoughts to consider when doing that.

Lifestyle can only be as good as your health.  Consequently, you must discipline yourself into living a healthy lifestyle.  Everything else is driven off your ability to perform and your health and  general physical condition are critical in this regard.

Next, create a clear vision of what you want your new lifestyle to look and feel like.  You can’t just have a mental picture.  You have to write it down.  As I like to say, “A goal only in the head is absolutely dead!”

As you’re creating the vision, don’t put the vision in terms of money, only.  Clearly define the lifestyle in physical, visual and sensory terms.

If you want it, you have to pay a price for it.  Make sure you have clarity as to what you have to do to achieve your new vision.  In other words, make sure you have the emotional connection to that vision so strong in your soul that you will be willing to pay the price.

Having done all this, the keys become consistent effort; patient attitude; but, persistent fire in your belly.  You have to have deadlines and focus everything on taking action.

Now, that’s living a lifestyle , in my opinion!

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