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Lofty Goals

b2ap3_thumbnail_00449127I don’t know if you agree but, in the past, my sense of the word, lofty, was one of unease.  It just left me thinking like the word suggested an arrogance.  It seemed “stuffy” to me.  My hang-up I guess…so, why is the word included in this post’s title?

The short answer is…for a very lofty purpose.  A purpose directed at helping you to become more of what you can be…because, I overcame my unease with the word by taking a look at its meaning.

One dictionary’s definition reads as follows:  “1. tall and impressive.  2. morally good; noble: lofty ideals.  3. proud and superior.”  I came to realize my sense of a suggestion of arrogance regarding the word was totally in error.  Frankly, in the definition of lofty is an explanation of some key characteristics you must exhibit, if you’re going to become all you can be.

Let’s take a deeper look to make my point.  First it seems to that in all that you do to achieve success in your life you must stand “tall and impressive.”  Demonstrating such a characteristic translates into self-confidence and other people feel a confidence in you.

Secondly, if you are “morally good; noble” you will stay on the straight and narrow toward your goals while not hurting other people.  What a “lofty ideal” and way to live your life.

Finally, if you do things that make you “proud and superior” to the naysayers who would have you lose your dream, what does that do to your sense of self-actualization?  Answer:  Gives you peace of mind that you are truly becoming all that you can be.

You can’t get any more lofty goals than demonstrating those characteristics throughout your life.

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