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Long Term Relationship

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900448341Sounds so comforting and safe, don’t you think?  I mean what could be better than a long term relationship of mutual benefit, substance and goodwill?  I suppose we could argue the point suggested by those two questions but let’s don’t do that.  Let’s focus on a particularly important reality about the concept of a long term relationship.

Here’s the reality…you are the only person that is assured a long term relationship with you throughout your entire life.  Think about!  No other person you have known, now know or will know can possibly be with you your entire life.  I’ll explain.

People come into and go out of your life.  The circumstances of their not continuing their relationship with you can many…up to and including their death.  You are the only person who is assured of having been at your birth and you are the only person who is assured of being there at your death.

With that as background, doesn’t it make sense to make your long term relationship with yourself the best and most productive it can be?  The degree of your satisfaction throughout your life is directly dependent on the health of your personal, long term relationship with yourself.

You are the one that controls the health of that relationship…nobody else.  Yes, other people can temporarily impact your attitude toward yourself but only as long as you let them.  Remember, for everybody else in your life their relationship with you is in one way or another temporary.  Yours is permanent!

Choose to make it a relationship of benefit, substance and goodwill.

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