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Looking Too Far You Cannot See Close Up

b2ap3_thumbnail_00442939You have been there…I know it.  You have misplaced something.  It could be your watch, car keys or whatever.  It doesn’t make any difference what it was.  However, what does make a difference is how you conducted your search and where you ultimately found that which you misplaced.  My bet is more often than not you looked everywhere but right under your nose, so to speak.  In the final analysis though, the item was found “right under your nose.”

Ever ask yourself why you chose to look for something at distance when in fact in was very close in proximity to you?  That is a great question and most of us need to consider it before conducting any kind of search.  The reality in far too many situations is whatever we want to find can be found much closer to us than we think.  However, we presume because we don’t have it and we want it we should look far afield for it.

Consider the foregoing thoughts in light of your desire to make the most out of your life.  Self-actualization is more about the effectiveness of your search than it is the distance to the destination.  Rather than searching far afield for what will fulfill your needs, shorten up your focus and recognize all that is immediately around you.  The greatest things in life usually aren’t the farthest things in life.  You have right within you and your immediate sphere of influence everything you could possibly want in creating a fulfilling life.  You just have to choose to see it clearly.

By the way what is true about the search for self-actualization also applies to the battle between too much focus on the future and the present moment.  The more you live in the present the more you assure your future will be fulfilling.  Conversely, the more you live in the future the less you enjoy in this moment.

Promise yourself you will change your focus to one emphasizing that which is close up rather than too far.  The adjustment in your vision will bring clarity to your life.

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