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Lost and Found

I’m always amazed at the number of people who project responsibility for their personal attitude onto somebody else.  Their attitude is:  It isn’t me…it’s them.  They think things like:  If only they would not do this or that, I could have such a better attitude or state of mind.  Why do they do that to me?  Don’t they know it bothers me and puts my attitude into a tail spin!

Oh really!!!

Let’s get real about who is really responsible for your attitude from moment to moment and day to day.   And, by the way, I recognize there are always outside influences pressuring each of us.  But, the fact is, you have to manage those influences and not allow yourself to be influenced negatively by them.  Rather, consider the opportunities found within those influences that are congruent with your positive direction in life and leverage them to your advantage.  You make those choices…not somebody else!

Making positive choices, however, is the hard part when trying to maintain a positive attitude.  It requires an internal fortitude that many people struggle to muster.  But, muster it you must or else your attitude will be swept down the sewer and nothing good ever happens as a result.  The sewer of life is a dark and stinking place that only exists when you allow your attitude to flush you there.

You might be thinking right now:  Well, I’ve lost a positive attitude. (Or, worse yet, never had it.)  Here’s the tough but true answer to that thinking.  Only YOU can go find a source within your soul that will drive a positive attitude.  And, once you find that source you have to keep using it so you won’t lose your positive attitude ever again.

A positive attitude in life can be lost and found.  It’s up to you to make the effort, either way.

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