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Love Hate Relationship

I meet a lot of people as I work with businesses concerning maximizing the growth and development of their people.  One thing that strikes me frequently is the number of people doing things they are not necessarily that enamored with.  In some cases, they absolutely hate what they do in their work, for example.  My…My!  Life is too short to put oneself in that kind of a situation.

Each of us individually owns our personal decisions in life.  This is true at every decision making level including what a person does for a living.  Think about it this way.  The actor/comedian, George Burns, once said:  ” I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate.”

Are you a success at something you hate?  As a consequence, are you just going through the motions and living miserably day-to-day?  If that’s the case, you’re only a personal decision away from changing from something you hate to do to something you love to do.  Start with taking a personal inventory by listing things you like to do.  Don’t limit yourself only to work related ideas but brainstorm all the things in your life that you love to do.  Build this inventory over several hours or days of creatively thinking.

After you think you have a complete enough inventory, go back through the list and circle all those things that could be a work related pursuit.  Look for common threads among the circled items so you can narrow your search.  Armed with the picture that comes into focus from this narrowed list, start researching potential career moves that would allow you to spend most of your time doing those things you love to do.

You might hate going through the above painful thought process.  On the other hand, you will love the result!

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