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Love Of Life

No…I didn’t say love of your life!  This isn’t about loving someone in your life.  It’s about creating a love of life.  It’s about how you create an absolute passion for your life.

Then, you may ask, Why is that important?  It’s important because without a passion in life you are only leading your life not living and loving your life.  The difference between leading and living your life is absolutely the proverbial difference between night and day.  When you only lead your life it fills you with the feeling of a dark, foggy night’s chill.  You shiver through the misery and can’t wait for the darkness to end.

By contrast, when you truly live your life you’re involved; having fun; letting your creative juices flow where they may.  All of that happens because of your passion for the opportunity to live your life constantly creating new chances and choices along the way.  Living your life connotes always the brightest of days.

Does that mean there aren’t dark times in your life?  Absolutely not!  Even the brightest of days has a cloud or two pass by.  “Pass by” is the point here.  When you live your life the clouds are seen as new opportunities to create a brighter day.  When you lead your life the clouds are seen as never ending.

Your love of life is directly proportional to the passion you feel.  The passion you feel is directly proportional to the positive attitude you exhibit.  One begets the other.  It’s like night and day.  Ya’ gotta love it!

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