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Lover’s Leap

b2ap3_thumbnail_MP900431303Ever threaten to do it…Way back in the day when that special person had absolutely stolen your heart?  Let’s face it the story of Romeo and Juliette kind of confirms it can happen!

That said the topic to which I am referring has nothing to do with such a leap.  I’m really more focused on the power of a particular leap of faith.  A type of leap that tracks with the concept of abundance, in general.  The idea of abundance, of course, being the more you give the more you get.  In short, give unconditionally and you get uncontrollably!

Altruism is a good synonym for the word, abundance.  Altruism meaning an unselfish concern for other people.   The point being whether you think in terms of abundance or altruism and practice either the result will be the same.

The fact is whatever you love will love you right back.  It’s a leap of faith I know but it is absolutely true.  Love your dog and it loves you back.  Love your job and it loves you back.  Love your family and it loves you back.  Love your life and it loves you back.  Well, you get the idea.

Give your life the gift of unconditional love and you will leap with joy over the result.  Go ahead!  Take a lover’s leap!

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