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Made In The Shade

Not really!  Yes, some things grow in the deep and total darkness at the bottom of the ocean or a cave.  But, when you look around you most of what you see is not made in the shade.  Rather, most of what you see requires the wonder of sunlight for at least part of each day.  Well, now that I think about it there are the exceptions of mushrooms and “Jolly Ol’ England!”  If you haven’t heard, the weather in England this spring has been “shocking” as they would say.

But I wander from my point!

If you or anyone else, for that matter, are to thrive you have to come out into the sunlight from time to time, at least.  Come out into the sunlight in the sense of not hiding behind your insecurities.  None of us are perfect but all of us are perfect miracles each in our own way.  You, too!

Don’t allow the smothering effects of the dark side of your life to hinder the pursuit of your sunrise.  Allow yourself to blossom in the full light of your world.  The more you bloom the more you give.  The more you give the brighter the world around you.

Shade can be a relief from the piercing rays of the sun from time to time.  While the phrase, made in the shade, can connote an easy time in life, a great and truly successful life is only made through the glaring reality of hard work and dedicated effort over time.

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