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Magnify Your Life

Remember back in the day when you were in school and more particularly in biology class?  In every biology class I ever attended, there was a microscope available.  Not only was it available but it was necessary to understand the details of many of the biological topics of discussion in the class.

And, so it is in your life.  You’ve got to constantly put yourself and your efforts under the microscope.  You’ have to get a magnified picture of the situation so you can understand what’s happening and why.

As suggested by my biology class metaphor, we need to use a magnifying glass to get a clear picture of the minutest details of something.  My suggestion for acting on the metaphor is you must use self discipline to magnify the minute aspects of your life.  With that clearer picture you can move forward toward achieving your life’s desires.

To magnify my point even more, clarity in planning begets certainty in results.

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