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Come on!  I know you may be as guilty as the rest of us.  Guilty how, you ask?  Well, it seems many, if not most, people are running around frantically building their daily lives.  They’re building here and building there.  Building.  Building. Building.

Here’s the problem.  No matter what we build the moment we build it is the moment it begins to deteriorate.  Only building and not doing daily maintenance on what we build leads to premature destruction of all that we have created.  Once built…maintenance is the key to realizing the full potential to anything we create.  This is true about things and our lives, in general.

So, yes, build to your heart’s desire but allow time for the necessary maintenance.  Maintenance that includes your:  Health…spirit…relationships…hobbies…work.  None of the categories of your life will survive to their fullest potential without that maintenance.

Roll up your sleeves and become your own maintenance person!

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