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Make A Big Splash

Strange how people can limit themselves in life.  Their little idiosyncracies add up to big limitations in their mind.  The operative words in that last sentence being “in their mind.”  The point is none of us are perfect because we all have idiosyncracies.  That’s part of being a human being.  Don’t let the way you think make little things big.

Here’s the thing.  The only way to dispel your limitations is to be willing to not tiptoe around the edges of opportunity.  Think of your opportunities in life as a big ocean.  In that case, you can’t truly take advantage of those opportunities by dipping your toe into the water at the shoreline.  Maybe your toe feels good but the rest of you totally misses out.

No, if you are going to truly enjoy the ocean of your opportunities in life you have to make a big splash.  You’ve got to jump all the way into that ocean and become immersed.  Yes, you can choose to play with the bait fish along the shore, if you like.  But, life’s greatest opportunities are realized because you have the courage to swim with the sharks!

Doesn’t mean you have to become one, by the way.

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