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Make a Difference and You Will Feel Differently

b2ap3_thumbnail_001777451,440…is the number of minutes in any one of your days in this life.  You can’t increase the number of minutes.  You can’t decrease the number of minutes.  As long as the world accepts the current measurement of the passage of time, you are stuck with that finite number.  It is what it is.

So, the critical focus has to be not on the amount of time you have but, rather on what you do with it.  Now, let’s be practical.  Medical science says one of the most important things you can do with, on average 420 to 480, of those minutes each day is use them to get quality sleep.  Sleep is critical to the quality of what you can do with the other 960 to 1020 minutes.

Additionally, you have to provide your body the nourishment to sustain itself.  Even if you only allow a half hour for each of three meals a day that’s a total of another 90 minutes you have used up.  Sure…you could say that you work through each of those meals but science has further confirmed multi-tasking, as we currently define it, is at least a misnomer.  Scientific proof confirms when the human brain is trying to process and perform two or more tasks at the same time either both tasks will take longer or the quality of the completed tasks will be lower than when done separately.  So, 90 minutes of each day is dedicated to eating.

You’re now down to a best case of 930 daily minutes to make a difference to the world around you.  Oh, but what about those minutes that science further confirms you should devote to your physical fitness?  The best science seems to suggest you should focus on your physical health a minimum of 60 minutes in each of 5 days during your week.  Of course, then there are the other matters concerning personal hygiene.  I won’t delineate those you can figure them out I’m sure.  For sake of discussion, let’s say those matters of hygiene use up another 60 minutes per day.  The bottom-line is you’re now down to a best case remaining number of 810 minutes actually available to make a difference.

Here’s my final point.  Given the above scenario, you only have 13.5 hours per day to make a difference for all the other people in your world.  If you divide it in the traditional sense of time, you have 8 hours for those people at work and 5.5 hours for those people at home.

In short, you don’t have copious amounts of time to make a difference.  Use each minute wisely!  With the wise use of your time you will feel differently about the impact during your time.

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