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Make A Miracle

Don’t you just love the  images that the word miracle conjures in your mind.  Thoughts about a miracle happening can take any of us to so many places that flash a sense of hope and well-being.  Those places can be spiritual, intellectual, financial or a myriad of other miraculously hopeful feelings.

Think about how you feel when confronted with your own experiences of miracles happening.  How did you feel when witnessing the birth of a child?  How about the miracle of actually reaching a particular goal that you honestly didn’t think would ever happen…what were your feelings then?  Another example…what was it like when you experienced the miracle of survival from a life or death situation?

My guess is your answer to any of those questions brought a warm flush of glow throughout your entire body.  A miracle in itself, I might add.

So why don’t you decide today to make a miracle happen each day of your life?  Something Leonard Nimoy said tells us how.  “The miracle is this–the more we share, the more we have.”

Share the miracle of your uniqueness and you make more for everyone else.

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