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Make It A Great Day!

You know what those days feel like.  Those days that when you come to the end you feel totally fulfilled.  You feel like you’ve taken on every challenge, overcome each one and still have energy and enthusiasm left over.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could bottle whatever it was that happened during those days and either sell it or just use it yourself.  Well let’s do just that…let’s define the ingredients that have to go into a bottle of “Make It A Great Day Magic Potion.”

When you think about your great days, my bet is that somewhere in there, you felt like you did something good for somebody else.  You were of service in some way.  Let’s pour a little of that in the bottle.

Next, on your great days, you probably felt the essence of great good.  Whether that essence was you being good at something, feeling good or doing good.  Pour it in the bottle.

No doubt on your great days you felt as if you stretched your limits a little.  You learned something new; did something different or differently; looked to new horizons with anticipation and not fear; or grasped your opportunities with gusto.  Yup…pour some of that in the bottle.

With all of the above ingredients in the bottle, your final ingredient comes right out of that mixture.  That ingredient to making each day a great day is peace of mind.

Be sure and mix the ingredients in the bottle all together.  Make sure they are well blended so as you drink the potion you can taste the flavor to making it a great day.  Always keep a bottle handy!

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