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Make Progress

There’s nothing like it.  You feel so good at being able to move on.  You say something like, “What’s done is done.”  Or, “Thank God that’s over with.”  Or, “I’m looking forward to the future.”

The irony of life is you can’t feel or say any of those things, if you don’t take the right philosophical attitude.  By that I mean, positive people progress while negative people digress.  One definition of digress is:  “Wander from the main subject.”

If you’re going to make progress in your life, you can’t spend a whole lot of your time wandering from the main subject.  In this case the main subject is to make every second of your life count for something.  You can’t make this second count for much if your digressing to past seconds in your life, too much.  Think one of the statements noted above:  What’s done is done.

Move on…make progress …just a little in your life everyday and the cumulative effect will be astonishing.

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